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    kettch said:

    Ahh, but this is exactly the sort of thing that will make the self-righteous Prius crowd all warm and fuzzy without having to actually do anything.

    Don't forget that lots of people like to know something exists, but would never use it themselves...but it's great for somebody else to use...I just don't have the time. Again, all warm and fuzzy without having actually done anything.

    I would use it if it showed me my energy savings in dollars not just CO2, which to be honest I don't really care about.  IF I could tell how much money I was saving then I would use it.


    The problem is that right now my energy providers are not hooked up to it, so I have no way of automating my import of data, then making changes and see $$$$$.


    And yes I did try to use it and fill it out