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    Harlequin said:
    LeoDavidson said:

    But if I remember right, another example of a problem with iTunes, is that iTunes doesn't put your track ratings back into the mp3 files, it just keeps them in the library. Really rendering the rating system useless and proving that Apple just likes sitting in it's own sandbox and won't let any kids come in and play with it, nor do they want to leave the sandbox and play with others. It's a crappy analogy but I think it gets the point across Smiley

    There's a good argument for not putting track ratings into the music files: They're subjective, not objective data.

    i.e. If the music file is shared by multiple people, they will not all agree on how much they like it. They'll all agree on things like the artist name, track name and publishing date though. (Well, within reason. Smiley Sometimes people disagree on what to put in those fields as well.)

    (People may also want to rate files on read-only network drives or optical media, I suppose.)

    As usual, I'd say the ideal would be an option about where to store the rating data. Smiley

    (Personally, "nowhere" is a good answer as I've never seen the point of rating files. If something is garbage, delete it, and everything else is so dependent on mood that the rating doesn't mean much to me. Could be because I'm an "album guy" rather than a "shuffle play guy", though.)