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    So Google are making an OS with the fewest features to couple with the web browser with the fewest features? Great, I'll rush to drink that Kool-Aid.

    So many of their plus points seem to be "we avoid the speed/complexity/security issues of XYZ" when it's because they aren't allowing the user to do XYZ at all. Hardly seems like a win, at least in the cases where people were never forced to do that thing by default.

    I hope this isn't the future of computing as I hate the idea of web-based apps. They're good for some things (and I'm arguably typing into one right now to post this) but not for everything. Not while so many people still have slow and/or fragile net access, and the technologies involved are still so klunky.

    That isn't to say that the way traditional desktop apps/OS work is perfect, of course.

    I'm sick of hearing "the open source community" as if it's a single group of people, too.