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    Extra Berry

    Charles said:
    Extra Berry said:

    I suspect that Google is doing what all busineses must do when they understand their dominace in one market or another is threatened by increases in both innovation and adoption of their competitors' offerings in similar or same markets. Make no mistake, Google is worried, just as they should be. Microsoft is in the game to win, not just play. I'm happy that Google, Apple and others have woken up the sleeping giant who now, sleepless, is innovating and creating at unusally high levels - in ALL of our important businesses. A few years ago it was status quo to count Microsoft out. Now, you'd be crazy to do so.

    The future is very bright indeed. I think it's great that Google wants to enter the general purpose client operating system world. We're not scared and certainly not worried. If anything, we'll just enter the same niche market with our own offering. Hmm. The possibilities...

    That said, Windows is not threatened by Google OS....

    Bring it,


    Im with You