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EULA's: "Stop before you click"

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    from bbc

    great article if you havent seen it

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    What chaps my hide about EULAs is that often you cannot agree/disagree with them until AFTER you have torn open the box, cracked open the CD case (or envleope, with the bit of tape that says something like "by breaking this seal you agree to bla bla bla").  I tried returning software that had a EULA that I did not agree to and found myself in a whole world of hurt.

    jamie wrote:
    from bbc

    great article if you havent seen it

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    I don't worry about EULAs really....

    Is it part of an MSI installation?

        Run it in unattended mode Smiley

    Is it part of the wrapper?

        Cut the container as not to damage the EULA sticker

    Is the message "by clicking here you agree"

        Press the "return" key on the keyboard or use Mousekeys

    Is it a bullet-proof one?

       Get someone else to click it for me Wink

    Problem solved Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    W3bbo wrote:
    Is it a bullet-proof one?

       Get someone else to click it for me

    Lol! I still like the Ubersoft webcomic disclaimer (not technically a EULA, but still), especially the part that reads: "This disclaimer is valid in all states with the exception of those states which have laws forbidding the existence of this disclaimer, and in states where such laws exist the reader agrees to read this disclaimer in a state where this disclaimer is binding."

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    it's an issue that the software industry is going to have sort out or goverments will get round to legislating.

    Shipping products covered with fine print stating 'fit for no purpose', etc is clearly unacceptable.

    I mean... do you see ad campaigns from MS like "Windows 2003 - Not even fit to wipe your butt with"

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    Dr. Shim

    Reminds me of what I read on Josh Ledgard's blog about being more transparant with customers.

    Just state in Plain Old Understandable English that you cannot be held liable for wee little bugs that might appear, but you do gaurentee that you tried to keep them to a minimum, and the sofware met specific requirements before it was shipped. That might even encourage higher quality retail software, and even if the software is utter trash, you were at least honest about it.

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