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View Thread: Remote Desktop Client/Avalon--how will it work?
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    That's a good point about the ClickOnce client apps helping to eliminate the need for RDC.  But, as you said, it only affects some of that need.  Troubleshooting app problems on remote/home computers is sort of the IT nightmare.  Even though our company's machines are getting rather dated, many people report that they work faster and better than their nearly brand-new home machines; I think at least some of that is attributable to the control, security, and maintenance that can be kept over LAN machines (GPOs are extraordinary!).  My gut feeling is that sysadmins will be thrilled to deploy ClickOnce apps on the LAN, but may not be so keen to deploy them to remote/home users... that's another aspect of what is so beautiful about RDC--the home user has near-instant access to all of the full, thick client apps of the LAN client experience (and the associated network speed and latency advantages), but with very little system or maintenance requirement--and even a lower security requirement--of their remote/home PC, and no residue left behind (save for the cache).  The remote machines can be totally trashed, but as long as the RDC will run, the remote user stays productive, and IT doesn't have to waste time on machines they can't simply just reimage.