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    Joe Average

    The current poll on the Channel9 homepage is a bit outdated. Maybe the C9 team should update the poll.

    The current poll asks what feature should the C9 team work on next. The most voted feature is Search. Now Search is live for about a week or so...

    A nice new poll could be something like "who's your favorite interviewee?"
     - Bill Hill
     - Chris Sells
     - Dare Obasanjo
     - Eric Lippert
     - Joe Beda
     - Levy and Griver
     - Matthew Carlson
     - Michael Howard
     - Pat Helland
     - Sarah Ford
     - Scott Swanson
     - The C9 team

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    Jeremy W

    Good one, as long as it's multiple-choice Wink

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    I think we have us a new poll Wink In all seriousness, more coming.  Expect new topics weekly.

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