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MSDN and Microsoft sites in general

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    can anyone tell me why, oh why, such a big company like Ms. has such messy sites online, all the real information is "hidden", one must go over endless searches, tons of pages, move around everywhere, I mean, it would be very kool if someone up there would organize the information; Also as a thread before this one said MSDN is very hard to search, and I tottaly agree, but it's not only the searching; Also when you think you have what you need, maybe you are reading and then find out that instead of getting info on, let's say javascript, you where reading events of VBscripting, then you have to start all over again, my point here is that for us to perform as expected, we need fast and accurate access to well documented information, normally I code most of my work in Delphi, but since sometimes one needs to go and look for something "special" or very os based, it really slows you down in development, to go in and search all over that mess.

    Also there are tons of goodies out there as I said pseudo "hidden" and sometimes you end up doing something out of desesperation, just to find out some days later that that thing you did was already done, and it's part of some obscure dll or that it was hidden somewhere on MSDN, I think that there should be like recomendations, maybe added by other users, like a forum on every page so that one can read ideas of others that used the same information, you can always fill up the how usefull was this information for you, but we need to share things, right there where the information is, where it counts.

    it woudn't kill anyone to make a smarter place, and a less cold place for us, developers to hang around, and to find what we need. ( some AI maybe )

    now I just want to see all that fixed and implemented PRONTO, since I need to program some stuff real fast.

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    hidden info isn't the only problem..
    A few weeks ago I called MS-Action-Pack-Support (in Germany) because I want to get details about buying it as Microsoft Certified Partner and they told me that the known that the German-Partner-Sites are old and contain wrong information..

    Till now nothing has changed and I have to get the information from the international-partnerpages..

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    Hi, I have found the best sources for info are

    1. MSDN Library, for info on the API/framework
    2. Google, for finding other info. Quite often the relevant MSDN page(s) will appear at the top of a search

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    There was a thread going on around here about some work being done to make improvements on MSDN searches but since there isn't a forum serach I couldn't find it (oh the irony lol) but look around it had a response from an MS employee.


    Appendum: found the thread

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    What I'd really like is to have just a .NET framework site, split off from MSDN, that's searchable. Even the Java API documentation is easier to navigate. And the PHP documentation is just fabulous - I have a Firefox bookmark set up so I can just type "php anything" to get help on stuff, since the url will search their docs. I just wish I could do that with the framework, since I like it much better.

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    blehbleh wrote:
    Hello kitty

    Somehow, all this makes me dread having children.

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