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    Have you purchased any high priced ebooks recently? Have you noticed all the online gurus are pumping out monsterous sized ebooks, packed with filler, and they're selling them for $97!

    The majority of these fluffed-up monsters would be reduced to just a few pages without all the needless, page count expanding filler.

    Not too long ago, I purchased a high priced ebook from a well-known AdSense expert who claims to make thirty thousand dollars a month from AdSense. I spent hours reading thru all the garbage to find the only wisdom there was to fool people into thinking the ads were part of your site navigation links.

    In order to defend the high price, the ebook had page after page of frivilous, unnecessary information, just to increase the bulk. If this ebook was cleaned of all the unrequired garbage, it would shrink to less than one tenth its current size, but that wouldn't sell.

    Recently, a new generation of ebooks has appeared - ebooks without all that extra baggage that's only there to make you think you're getting value. The idea here is that you get the important information you're really looking for, without all the junk. Cost effective ebooks that inform you, teach you AND they won't put a dent in your bank account.

    How cheap? How about seven dollars?

    Take a look at this

    Huge Selection of $7 Ebooks