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Get Real?

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    Should you have missed this like I did, it's definetely worth checking out. ("Proof" of what's been going on behind Real)

    This makes EU's monopoly case about WMP look even more laughable than it is when looking it from the end user point of view.

    And why anyone cares? A lot of the content around the net is still only available in the Real format, take this for example: I had not installed Real* for years, but I just had to see the GP-B launch at NASA's site and their Windows Media stream stopped working temporarily mere 10 minutes before the rocket launch. All the mirror streams use Real. So I had waited a good while for the launch already and now Real was the only option. In the moment of desperation I went to get the Real Thing. As the linked article points out, the RP10 is a bit more friendlier than their earlier offerings, and if you some day accidentally out of desperation install it, you should be quite fine if you remember to uncheck all the boxes and when it apparently "requires registration to continue installing" - just press cancel.

    Anyway many would no doubt still welcome a good and well promoted alternative for RM which would not raise questions about what platforms does it play on. I haven't tried playing Windows Media on non-windows platforms, but what i've heard Real Media is better choice on the non-windows platforms.

    Edit: To be more realistic, I doubt the platform question is why RealMedia is more common. It's also hard to say what would be a realistic streaming alternative to RM that works painlessly on the major platforms. Ideas?

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    That link just reinforces my belief that Real Player is nothing more than common junk-ware.  Although I'll have to admit that it helped me learn my way around the registry.  Never before have I had to delete stuff out of the "Run" key.

    I use Real Alternative:

    (and Quicktime Alternative as well)

    Pretty much the only time I use WMP is when something is encoded in 9pro, Media Player Classic is good enough for just about everything else.

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    I recently repackaged the new Real player up as a Microsoft Installer and remembered just how supremely awful the application is.

    When installed with all the junk turned off, the application comes to hundreds of files and several THOUSAND registry entries.  Many of the registry entries beggar belief.  For example, it writes all of the settings you'd usually see either in an INI file or under HKLM\Software into HK_ROOT\Software.  Absolutely mental.  It often does not work with the system proxies set up and spams files all over the hard disk (as well as countless other issues).  I have repackaged well over 100 applications over the last 18 months and it is the worst application I have seen during that period.  Without exception.

    I use Real Alternative if I ever have to use that horrible....."buffering".....format.

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    I'm really sorry to see how the skunkware Real player is moving into the mobile market. On the desktop, I think it's one of the most annoying intrusive piece of crap out there. You have to have an advanced degree in adware busting to even install it. I hope they get payed really good for those ads. Because the amount of badwill it generates for their company is titanic!


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