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    I am hoping the Hotmail folks are visiting Channel 9.

    A family member of mine has had two problems with Hotmail.

    The first is the deleted messages had been removed from the deleted items folder as soon as she deleted them from say the INBOX.  An email was sent to Hotmail support and no answer was ever given.  Last night I looked in her deleted items and now they span over 4 pages so it seems now they aren't being removed from the deleted items folder as quickly as before.

    The second issue is more concerning.  Whereas the deleted items folder does not count against space used the Sent Items folder does.  For some reason this folder IS NOT being cleared out as it should.  The account reached 98% space used, keep in mind she is a paying member of Hotmail, and she was unable to send any messages!

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the SentItems folder in Hotmail cleared up when the user starts to reach the space limitation?  And why in this case wasn't it done?  I know that messages in the SentItems older than 30days are deleted automatically.

    As this family member is a definite newbie and this situation was like a "disaster" for her.  She uses Hotmail to conduct her everyday business. 

    Lastly why is it so difficult to get support or questions answered from Hotmail?  I don't see a phone number listed on the Hotmail support site?

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    If she is a paying member of hotmail she should be able to call MSN, I think they own hotmail but I am not sure...

    ~ Knute

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    Yes she is paying member.  This is what I found out.

    When you become a paying member Hotmail no longer deletes the message from SentItems thus it starts to build up.

    Think they should tell you that someplace to avoid situations like this.

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