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View Thread: 4K Monitors: Anyone have one yet?
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    , cbae wrote


    Take a mid-grade Android phone from 2 years ago, blow it up to 9.7", 15", and 17" and you have a "Retina" display. And the pixel density of the "Retina" display on the iPhone has been surpassed long ago.

    To say that "the rest of the hardware vendors have not even come close to that" is just plain silly, especially since Apple doesn't even manufacture any of these displays.


    ok so where can I buy a 20 inch 200ppi monitor for less than $2000.00 right now ?

    the issue is that the desktop monitors we can buy are still not even getting close to 200 ppi

    almost all of them are 80 to 90.  the few that have more than 1920x1080 are generally also 25 to 30 inch screens so they still come in at around 80-90 ppi.

    or you have to special order some $4000.00 screen that is never sold in a retail shop.

    yes I know they can be made and that cell phones have them....

    and as they have been making them they should have gotten the process to a point where they can offer a desktop display that is at least close.