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    Hi All,

    Just wondering how you guys get your email on the move?

    Wireless Lan
    GPRS on Laptop (or other wireless telecoms protocol)
    Ring secretary Smiley

    I'm using my Blackberry a lot more than I thought I would (yup - I'm one of those guys who reads their email on the loo!), but I also tend to use GPRS on my laptop if I want to do anything complicated.

    So, what do you do to get your @ fix?


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    i use my nokia 7650 and my handspring treo 90 with bluetooth. i can check and send mail on both. on the nokia i connnect over GPRS, on the palm, its though dial up. i would like some sort of wifi card for the palm, but no one has one that works with Palm OS4.1. i might get a windows PDA, they look sweet. do they work with OWA or exchange over a VPN? Any ideas?

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    I use my XDA2 (Pocket PC + Phone) device to check e-mail on the go.  I connect over GPRS.  It works pretty well and even roams across GPRS networks when I'm traveling in other countries - but the costs do start adding up (and in India for some reason it doesn't work at all).

    Tiernan, I use GPRS to sync my Pocket Outlook with my Exchange server - so I'm not actually using Pocket Internet Explorer to check my mail - it's all done through Outlook.  It's pretty good; I can select which folders to synchronize and the sync schedule (and also I can limit the KB per message to download).

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    Tryfen wrote:
    (yup - I'm one of those guys who reads their email on the loo!),

    Oh pur-lease! I'm eating my lunch! Smiley

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    GraemeF wrote:
    Tryfen wrote: (yup - I'm one of those guys who reads their email on the loo!),

    Oh pur-lease! I'm eating my lunch! Smiley

    Then you probably don't want to know that I read my mail while eating my lunch while on the loo...

    Now for the serious portion:
    I use my Zaurus or laptop on wireless lan at home, or connect either device through my cell when on the go.

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    i use a smartphone connecting back to exchange 2003 OMA.  i also use my laptop to connect to exchange externally via rpc over https.


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    I use my smartphone - it does over the air sync to my Exchange mailbox a few times a day, or on demand.  It's very good for getting/staying caught up on read-only type stuff while I'm commuting on the train or for the emergency "must reply now" situation - but I'm not a fan of T9, although I have gotten better with it over time.  It took me a long while to not look at it's pathetically bizarre guessing mid-word.  I now have a good sense of which words I can trust it to get right, and which ones are going to be a problem.

    I'd like to see another big breakthrough in battery life though - I can barely make it through one full day (of fairly intensive in-call and email reading use, I'll admit) on a single charge.

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    yea, id love a smartphone, but the only one thats not locked to a network is the Motorola MPx-200, and its not supported by any network in Ireland. Hopefully with the release of the MPx or MPx-100, someone here will take it on, but i dont think it will happen. pity.

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    I'm finding the Outlook/Exchange combination more and more useful as a multi-device data aggregator.  I usually leave it running on my desktop @work - I'm using Newsgator w/ subscriptions for my RSS needs.

    My Laptop, PDA, Phone, home machines then just sync against my Exchange folders Inbox, Calendar, News etc...  (As well as having Outlook Web Access for those days when I managed forget all the appliances)

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