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Does anyone actually watch the videos?

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    I watch most of them, but it can be kinda an aggravating time suck.  Video prevents multi-tasking in a way text does not, occupying both visual and aural pathways.  I do enjoy them however, and would still watch them sometimes even if transcripts were available- even if I'd likely usually prefer the transcripts.

    (votes for sometimes)

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    I watch them Smiley

    Actually, I just listen to them. I play them on one of my machines and my KVM switch to do work on another.

    It's cool to see my fellow 'softies though.

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    I was going to write that I'm not much into the videos until I realized that Dare Obasanjo co-authuor-ed the RSS client that I'm using.

    After watching that, I was really glad that Channel9 includes videos.  While I don't feel like I'm closer to the guy now that I've seen him in video it does help me, well, I guess the closest word I'm thinking of here is relate, to the guy more when I read his blog in the RSS client he helped create.

    While I can say I've only watched two of the videos I'm really really glad I did see the two I did.

    (BTW, it wouldn't hurt to interview more females.  Call me lonely, but I'd much rather watch the Women of Microsoft than the men.)

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    I try to watch most of the videos. Those I don't watch are skipped mostly due to a lack of time but the videos are important to me. It's one thing to read the text of someone but it's another to see them, watch their body language and be amazed by just how excited they are about what they do!


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    Catatonic wrote:
    The videos are the reason I come here. We get to see the developers being so candid. Certain other companies practically shove gags in their developers' mouths.


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    They are very interesting, keep em' coming!

    ~ Knute

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    I love the videos. It's my primary reason for visiting the channel9 site and i get disappointed when a new one isn't posted.

    Feature request...I'd like to see a What's New feature so I can see any newly posted videos.


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    I would like to watch them.. but I am on 75kbps and buffering takes time so video breaks up and it breaks the interest.. I would like if they provide download to the videos, so I can download the videos and then can watch them.

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    It would be cool to have a link to birng up the player external to the current page for those of us with attention defecet disorders. Such as:

    That way the user could read and browse at the same time. And yes, the videos are why I’m here.  

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    Button on the bottom right.

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    clint_hill wrote:
    Button on the bottom right.

    Ahh, cool... very obvious when you know where it is. Smiley

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