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Jobs on portable video

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    "You can't drive a car when you're watching a movie.", says Jobs.

    When talking about portable video players planned for anything more than watching some random clips, I don't really see the point.

    I would quote the third commentor there, who puts:

    "(portable video player) should be more like a cross between PDA and a remote control, but boosted with a big storage which you can use to carry your favourite videos".

    The argument being that people like to have their favorite media around them, but the portable part of the concept should only be part of the whole picture.

    For example, suppose you are on a flight. The back of the seats could have a flat display which would display common content, but alternatively you could plug in your portable storage/remote control/pda unit if you needed a bigger screen.

    Point being that the portable units should have a system with maximum possible storage, but with some redundancy and robustness, still being pda sized. Currently you can put 100 GB of data in a pda size device, not that anyone has done it yet afaik though!

    Bigger display or bigger audio system etc would just be external "services", and interfacing with them should be standardized through both wireless and wire connectivity, before every manufacturer comes up with their own "standard" as in recordable DVD industry.

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    androidi wrote:
    "You can't drive a car when you're watching a movie.", says Jobs.

    Yet some people try to do just that. And that's scary!


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    Hmmm. You can tell Mr. Jobs doesn't get out in rush hour traffic very often. While it's illegal in most states, you'll find some idiots watching portable DVD players while on their commutes. I've seen at least 6 this week.

    The cool thing about portable video in a vehicle is what happens in the back seat when you have kids. Quietness. No "He's touching me!" or "Are we there yet", at least for a while.

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