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    My main request is simple.  I would like to see a more varied range of speakers on the videos.

    Whilst I am very interested in many of the development topics in the videos, I'd like to hear videos from other people.

    Especially at the moment with XP SP2 coming up, it'd be great to hear from people in the teams that have technology in that update.  For instance, as someone who often uses Microsoft Installer and repackages applications to MSIs, I'd like to see those guys and gals get interviewed about it, the future of MSI towards Longhorn etc.  Maybe, in those areas, there could be put in place on C9 the chance to ask questions for them to answer and they can cherry pick the questions.

    Also, maybe it might be good to give people the indication of what its actually like to work at Microsoft - videos of what people do when they aren't working but are on campus, for example.

    Another interactive idea would be for either a chat forum or Channel 9-oriented Technical Chats (as a follow up to a video, for example)