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View Thread: Chrome Goat Teleportation - Best bug ever!
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    Bass said:
    Harlequin said:

    If IE was open source, anyone could add features to it for instance.


    Believe it or not, a very large amount of the code of Google Chrome was not written by Google. In fact, you can find substantial amounts of code from Apple and Nokia in Google Chrome. And some from the KDE project as well. Welcome to open source. Smiley


    Google is itself an open source success story. If there was no open source, they might not even exist. Their whole business is built on Linux, Python, Java, etc. and they customize everything for their purposes.


    If you want to know more about this software development paradigm, this is a good book to read:

    I see where you're going but here's a (poor I admit) analogy that goes with what you say:

    A company buys 1,000 2009 Honda Civics, paints them, calls it a Super Duper Auto 2010. Sells. Profit.


    I don't see how "moving the web forward" and "anyone can add features" meld. You can't have a product roadmap with thousands of voices chiming in.