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    W3bbo said:
    figuerres said:

    I don't get why Ch9 is even in a webfarm. I know plenty of massively high-traffic websites (we're talking top-1000 sites) that don't employ any kind of load-balancing, they just run a single (but high-powered) server for running PHP/whatever and another server for static content and the database (which might be on a third server if DB load is high enough).


    So why is Channel9 overengineered?

    I am also in this camp. I refer you to Dr Herbies ignored thread on the Feedback forum.

    I can't comment on the posting bug as I am not smart enough to pass coment on most of the threads. However, I would note that the poor alignment of the sign in/log out links and the fact that the video controls are largely hidden does not reflect well on a site that is supposed to be a flagship developer forum.

    On the video note, I often want to to watch the videos to remind myself just how dumb I am, but if I want to watch a video I need to start it, wait for the first word and then pause it for 30 mins so that it caches enough to watch. I dont believe this is just my bandwidth as videos from etc stream just fine.


    Life back in 2004 seemed to be much easier!