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    Well, it has been quite a coupla weeks here at the old development farm.  Two commercially available computers' motherboards took a powder at almost the same time, despite provision of very, very clean power.   One was no longer covered by a warranty.  The other was covered on account of a wise extension purchased last summer.  The supposed-to-be boat anchor was covered by equipment insurance that came along as a rider with FiOS that went in last summer.  So, I'm getter a replacement computer and a check.   Not too shabby.  But terribly disruptive.   The Vista system on the one computer that didn't suffer a catastrophic failure continued its downward spiral to unacceptable instablity.  I decided to put Windows 7 on that computer.  But, wouldn't you know it?  You may not "upgrade" the software from Vista Home Premium 32-bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I inadvertently installed W7 to the wrong partition, thereby confusing what has come to replace BOOT.INI functionality.  A reboot of the computer randomly chose to run the W7 system or what was left of the old Vista system.  Most of the Vista files were gone, so the bootstrap loader went into zombie mode trying vainly to repair the irreparable.  I operated on the bootstrap database using the fine tool provided for that purpose and restored sanity to my system.  I miss my Windows Calendar and Windows Mail client.  No doubt they have been made to disappear for reasons that appear to be rational at corporate heights where the oxygen is a bit thin.