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View Thread: Smooth Streaming Test #3!
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    CKurt said:

    Very Very good! The first load of the player itself take a while because the app is loading but the video loads very well and seeking works like perfection! Very Very good experience! Also with chapters comming up it will be heaven!


    I have a question about the technology:

    # How far ahead does it buffer? I mean lets say I start watching a 50 minute charles video and haveway stop watching (for some reason) and close my browser. Will it have allready buffer that other 25 minutes? Or will it only buffer one minute ahead (and will i see it buffering like i see the current video's buffer with more brith white seek bar?


    # Sometimes I watch the video and afterwards think. This is a really good video this is one I'll need to watch again I'll download it so I have it available for a time I don't have an internet connection. But then downloading it requires me to 'sacrifice' another 500Mb of file transfer althoug I'm sure I have it somewhere downloaded in a temp form of silerlight storage. It there any way to 'save' the stream after watching? Thus not downloading the sae 500mb again (since i download WMV high and I guess that is the file played in the silerlight player)


    PS sorry if I rambeld on...

    1>  It will read to whatever the time buffer is set to, the default is 30 seconds.  Also overriding this will cause side effects for stream switching.  And even if the stream is paused, the given stream currently giving data is based off computer, player size and bandwidth qulaity.  So even if it is paused and buffering, you won't get a 2mb stream if the player thinks you can't play a 2mb stream or don't need a 2mb stream for the player size.  A big thing with adaptive streaming is why give you a massive stream if the player size can't even display all that data.


    2>  If you want to rewatch the video and worried about bandwidth, I'd lean toward downloading it.  I can put in a feature bug into the player to explore if I can do that on either buffered or adaptive streaming.  I'd also feel more confident in being able to save a buffered stream than an adaptive stream but I'm not sure if this is even possible.