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View Thread: The New vs Evolving the Now
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    Charles said:
    elmer said:

    Not over your head at all. I've already stated the problem you mention: in order for plumbing to be effective, the higher level expressive abstraction (like a language) needs to describe what eventually gets plumbed. New programming abstractions designed to express solutions to general purpose problems in the many core domain will go a long way in speeding up innovation in the software that instructs the eventual machine instructions.


    Where's Hal when you need him?



    There are many parrallel based language out there. Usually they have some kind of internal messaging system for parralel sync. I still think it is best to go for the route of OO methodology. The main reason OO is so much more "useful" is because it is easier to debug, easier to predict the result, and very "expressive".


    Most of the language that failed are because they are hard to use for the most part. SQL survived because it is actually easy comepare to the rest of sementic DB languages. But, even that, people is moving DB to OO because OO is just that much easier to deal with (especially on high performance tasks).