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    So I'm trying to get some work done using Windows 7.  I notice that the initial current working directory in the command line shell matches whatever directory cmd.exe is launched from.   I copied CMD.EXE to a directory in C:\Users.  That changed the initial working directory to the directory that I want, but then cmd.exe is unable to find an unidentified file that permits it to construct certain messages -- probably a systematic way to customize CMD.EXE for non-English speakers.   So, what is the official received way to get the initial current working directory the way I want it in CMD.EXE?    Please indicate where in the documentation this is stated.  Next on our agenda is Windows 7's handling of hugely expensive BD-ROM media.  You put a blank in the BD-ROM drive.  Windows 7 recognizes it as blank and opens Windows Explorer with a suggestion that you might drag and drop stuff to be burned to the blank.  When you put more in the bag than it will hold, Windows 7 opens the drive without telling you that you've tried to put 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag.   The stuff that is staged in Windows Explorer stays staged in Windows Explorer and the blank is permanently ruined.  It makes a nice coaster.  It cannot be closed.   I cannot be read.  Windows 7 reports that it is both empty and beyond full at the same time.