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    AndyC said:
    earnshaw said:

    "Also new in Windows 7, you can map a network share to a drive letter and Windows 7 will not reliably recognize it in the command shell.   NET USE works reliably to do the same thing."


    Elevated command prompts (and elevated processes in general) won't see drive mappings that were made un-elevated (and vice-versa). This is partially down to the mechanism used by Windows to perform elevation and partially down to the fact that relying on drive mappings being available in both contexts would cause a whole raft of compatibility issues when using over-the-shoulder elevation.

    I withdraw my "thousand pardons."   If you change the Start In directory in a shortcut on the desktop, it works as it should.   If you change the same thing in a shortcut on the Start Menu, the change you make is IGNORED.  This is a capital BUG.   I expect a fix for this will appear within a week on Update Tuesday.   By the way, what is an "Over-the-Shoulder" elevation?