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    magicalclick said:
    figuerres said:

    Didn't they solved this in .Net? They said you can have multiple version of DLL? I am not trying to break other apps because we did keep the old IE for them. The thought of old IE will always hinder the next version? That's just scary and uninspiring. If MS IE only cares about business, then, as a home user, there is no point to stick with MS IE.


    I am sure at one point, people like to compare and whine. And obviously those people are already switched. And here I am trying to use IE and over time, the jusitification decreases over time. If you ask me honestly? FF already took over the home user ground and most of sites are more FF centric then IE now. I am not really sure how MS look at this, but, yeah, I am using FF and IE side by side now. Eventually I will give up IE before IE9 comes out. I mean even if IE9 comes out, the experience is still crappy anyway. I have yet to see any commitment from MS besides the pointless "performance" improvement that is apparently useless in real world practice.



    I don't believe the trend is toward being more "FF centric" per-se, but certainly towards being less "IE centric".


    Unlike their competitors, MS appear to be extremely reluctant to implement support for "pre-standards" (such as the various -moz- CSS3 vendor extensions) but there is the perception among web-devs that CSS3 and HTML5 are already defacto standards.


    As web-devs use the various pre-standard extensions available, and at the same time stop using IE quirks, proprietary features, and alternate hacks, the tendency is for IE to render sites in "plain jane" mode.


    Certainly, although I fully appreciate that it's not a W3C standard, it nevertheless annoys the * out of me that I still can't use a border-radius with IE... and I just leave IE to render square-cornered boxes these days, when all other browsers are rendering the intended rounded corners.


    MS appear to have no process for update other than major versions, which means they can't add new features/functions except for those infrequent updates, and so are always going to be "old tech" compared to the competition.