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    AndyC said:
    magicalclick said:

    "Why would app break when I didn't replace IE6? I am only installing a separate version, which didn't affect anything that's is already there. At least give me the option to replace IE6 or not. If I choose no, then, all those app will remain IE6 and I can still use newer IE in addition to that. Basically don't replace IE6 and don't change registry, simple as that."


    But consider applications like Maxathon, which use the IE rendering engine and want to get the latest version when an update is applied. Others will want to get the version they were designed against. Yet others still don't mind and might benefit from getting the updated rendering engine or might break and the developers can't really know beforehand. When you start wanting to keep both versions of a component around the rules start to become complicated, because you have to try and figure a way to let some apps update and others not.

    In that case, Maxathon can simply push a patch to grab the new IE instead? I mean, MS can simply provide a flag value.

    Application.IE.Verion = Static.IE6;    // lock in IE6


    Application.IE.Version = Dynamic.IE6;    // IE6 and up.

    I wouldn't raise this issue if it weren't a major problem. Apps running IE is good, because I want to do that as dev. But, in the same time, I can't let this reason to hinder IE development. And it is already a big problem as tons of croporate unable to upgrade IE6 and start to use 3rd party browser for regular basis. And the fact that new IE has to cover the impossible bc is just way too much overhead in development. And what about new apps that runs on IE8, but not IE6? And IE6 cannot be upgraded? All those new apps are screwed? Meaning, should I actually code my new apps using IE6 in mind because most of corporation is unwilling to upgrade IE6?


    So if I am a dev that requires functions from IE and yet I know half of my customers are IE6 only. Then, in order to make sure my app can evolve regardless how my customers are never upgrade IE6, I have to switch to something that can either

    1) uses a library with multi-versioning.

    2) complettly embeded the entire rendering engine in my app.

    Whether I have another half of customers are using newer version of IE,  it has the potential to become legacy and my app would be screwed again. And obviously I already can't cover all different version of IE that my cutomers are locked in. So, it is not just future, but, I can't even satisfy my customers with current state of IE.


    I don't care the solution. What I care is, there is a problem and we need to do something about it. But nah, let's just pretend there is nothing wrong. It is better for MS to leave browser market, so no more law suits anyway. Want to get the browser experience in your app? Well, we still have IE6 or we can use 3rd party library. No biggy.