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    figuerres said:
    magicalclick said:



    .Net solved a certain set of problems with com but did not "Fix" Com.

    also even with .Net a developer can create some of the classic com/dll problems if they do not follow the .net rules.


    and lastly the problem when we are talking about how IE is built and installed is that it does not do what .net did and many 3rd party applications have dependancy issues that if a new IE was built that did not work the way the apps expect it to work then they would break and MS would get the blame.


    is that blame fair or not? that's a long and invloved topic that goes to many places ... like the windows 95 days when IE V1 was born.

    Why would app break when I didn't replace IE6? I am only installing a separate version, which didn't affect anything that's is already there. At least give me the option to replace IE6 or not. If I choose no, then, all those app will remain IE6 and I can still use newer IE in addition to that. Basically don't replace IE6 and don't change registry, simple as that.


    @elmer I don't really care about CSS3 or HTML5. I care about the dreaded tab switching. The closed tab didn't release RAM. Lack of openness/customization such as  FF greasmonkey. And hack, the stupid download window still going to "weird default directory". When I mean "weird", I mean, no one remembers where they change the dir to. And yes, mine is always desktop, but, there are stupid times when it doesn't, and I would have to be like, here did I download it? I mean, there is so many things that should be solved before going talking about CSS3 and HTML5.


    @Charles I suppose I should reply to that 2002 IE Feedback thread, but then, people would start thinking I am spaming. But, mostly, I want to know if there is any news about IE9 as my first line suggested.