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    magicalclick said:
    figuerres said:

    Didn't they solved this in .Net? They said you can have multiple version of DLL? I am not trying to break other apps because we did keep the old IE for them. The thought of old IE will always hinder the next version? That's just scary and uninspiring. If MS IE only cares about business, then, as a home user, there is no point to stick with MS IE.


    I am sure at one point, people like to compare and whine. And obviously those people are already switched. And here I am trying to use IE and over time, the jusitification decreases over time. If you ask me honestly? FF already took over the home user ground and most of sites are more FF centric then IE now. I am not really sure how MS look at this, but, yeah, I am using FF and IE side by side now. Eventually I will give up IE before IE9 comes out. I mean even if IE9 comes out, the experience is still crappy anyway. I have yet to see any commitment from MS besides the pointless "performance" improvement that is apparently useless in real world practice.





    .Net solved a certain set of problems with com but did not "Fix" Com.

    also even with .Net a developer can create some of the classic com/dll problems if they do not follow the .net rules.


    and lastly the problem when we are talking about how IE is built and installed is that it does not do what .net did and many 3rd party applications have dependancy issues that if a new IE was built that did not work the way the apps expect it to work then they would break and MS would get the blame.


    is that blame fair or not? that's a long and invloved topic that goes to many places ... like the windows 95 days when IE V1 was born.