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    Bass said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    I'm sure a lot of people find some TPL really difficult to grasp, but then again I've personally found that some people have difficulty grasping what the "if" statement does in C. I personally have difficulty understanding the advanced concepts of Topology, while there others who take to it like a fish in the water. Simple is subjective.

    The updated CLR book should be pretty awesome the first one is well worth a read.

    Exoteric -would recommend the LINQ in action book (havent read the apress one)

    Jon Skeet is probably nearly done with his next edition of C# in depth which I am looking forward to.

    Should probably pimp my own book as well (Introducing .net 4 with VS2010 by Apress ( an overview of all the changes)


    The TPL & threading api changes includes a fair bit more than that but I think its fair to say the TPL is pretty intuitive to use.


    There are obviously changes in all areas but the biggest changes are the TPL, DLR and Workflow.


    The free training kit for VS2010 and white papers are pretty good.