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View Thread: Check out the new Tablet PC Experience Pack
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    What a fantastic video, from a user point of view I have been waiting for a while, most of the videos are geared toward the programmer. There is a review of this on Winsupersite but I’m glad I got to see the video first.

    It’s a good job that Mr. Curry guy was left handed, I could clearly see everything (don’t you think he has the same mouth as Jack Nicholson?) Anyway, I think it more than fair to commend the new UI, I know MS push for continuity throughout their OS and apps but this was surely the best move to make the most of the space.

    At last a plus pack/upgrade that is more than the usual Plus! Stuff, this is an improvement.

    I don’t want to box your ears about it Scoble but early on you did say something about the second coming, I’m sure you recorded this before the Pope passed, and I’m not that religious anyway but it was noticeable.

    Good video!

    PS attention to AndyC that is not an English flag, it is the flag of the United Kingdom. St. Georges flag is white with a red vertical and horizontal crossing, the blue diagonal lines are the Scottish part. Honestly living here it is one of the things that the Scott’s hate, imagine the Americans using the Canadian maple leaf on the stars and stripes.