This bug has been present since at least the beta builds of Windows 7 and I'm wondering if it will ever get fixed, or if this is considered a bug by others:


To reproduce:

  1. Right click on any icon in the task-bar to bring up a jump-list context menu
  2. Right click on the Start-Orb or as close to the bottom-left corner of the screen as possible
  3. Observe that the Orb is still on-top, visually overlapping the regular context menu as if the Start button was never there

I have seen it on every Windows 7 Build I have used since beta2, Im not sure if this is an Aero Window Manager bug or not.


What do people think??

Easiest non-destructive bug I've found to date, and I wanted to tell other people because I'm starting to think this will never get fixed.


Added a merged screenshot of the jump-list click, and a later start-orb click:

Start-orb overlay