A couple of people have mentioned that they're on dial-up connections and find it inconvenient or expensive to download videos.

One possible solution would be to formulate an archive that fits on a CD or two (maybe even a DVD, if needed) with the entire year in Channel 9 videos (and possibly the associated commentary, or entire forum archives (?))

CD burning is pretty inexpensive these days and, for the people with broadband, downloading a few meaty ISOs won't be too taxing. If the archive is made easily available then each third-world dial-up patron could find a broadband buddy to burn him a CD to send via postal mail.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'd love to spearhead this campaign however I'm currently living away from home and don't have a PC at my apartment!

The key questions are:

  1. Will the Channel 9 admin facilitate this by overcoming the primary hurdle  and making an archive easily available.
  2. How big is such an archive likely to be?