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    Two things need to be addressed in our industry.   1) Error messages need to be upgraded to diagnostic messages.  2) There need to be established minimum quality standards for documentation.   The industry standard today is that a program is conformant should it be evident that it  handles every inconvenient internal state with any message at all that conveys the notion that the user's request has been rejected.  There is no need for an error message to suggest what may have gone wrong.   This is no need for an error message to suggest how the end user may provide a remedy.   As to documentation, volume trumps quality.  Anybody who is hired to write a technical book is required to write at least 1,000 pages of often dense, barely comprehensible, barely cohesive, not necessarily germane material.  It need not cover obvious, vital, and necessary issues as long as it consumes at least 1,000 pages.   Got a question you think a book should answer?   Don't expect to find what you seek through the convenience of the Table of Contents or Index.   Nobody seems to know whether a given "document" is good or bad.  Nor care much.  Why is that?