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View Thread: Why No Computer Science"y" Books in C#?
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    vesuvius said:

    Computer science is about the science not the language. I think it better for people to learn VB6 or C/C++ then something like C#.


    Obviously Microsoft would love it if every college used C#, but I think you should learn Python/Ruby, Java and C/ C++ if you are CS student.

    Well, the real point behind me asking, is why are there no books on "datastructures and algorithms" in C#, but there are tons in Java.

    Like I said, they are similar, but the Java books does so in a Java way, and I would like to keep it strictly to a C# .NET way. I'm studying on my own, so I don't want to spread my resources too thin.

    So I guess, C# or rather .NET, is geared more towards business and not academia? Why? I understand that Computer Science is about the science and not the language, but can we not learn Computer Science using C#?