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View Thread: Why No Computer Science"y" Books in C#?
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    vesuvius said:

    Computer science is about the science not the language. I think it better for people to learn VB6 or C/C++ then something like C#.


    Obviously Microsoft would love it if every college used C#, but I think you should learn Python/Ruby, Java and C/ C++ if you are CS student.

    Huh. It's about the science, not the language, but you really should use VB6 or C/C++ rather than C#? Really?  VB6?


    First, you contradict yourself, then recommend probably THE worst language for learning about computer science/data structures/algorithms (not that VB isn't good for other things, mind you). C and C++ are fine, but not better than C# for data structures. Then you recommend Java, which is nearly identical to C#. Next up, Python and Ruby, both great languages, but not all that appropos for data structures in comparison to the others mentioned (except VB6). Great for algorithms, though.


    IOW, you're all over the place with no logic applied to your recommendations. C# would be a fine language for learning data structures/algorithms as a CS student. I think Pascal is still the most suited language for this, but C# and Java are close seconds. C++ would come in after, as it's a more complex language and you'd spend too much time on language considerations instead of focusing on the subject of data structures and algorithms. The rest probably aren't good recommendations for this, and VB6 is certainly not.