fvwj said:
vesuvius said:

Well, the real point behind me asking, is why are there no books on "datastructures and algorithms" in C#, but there are tons in Java.

Like I said, they are similar, but the Java books does so in a Java way, and I would like to keep it strictly to a C# .NET way. I'm studying on my own, so I don't want to spread my resources too thin.

So I guess, C# or rather .NET, is geared more towards business and not academia? Why? I understand that Computer Science is about the science and not the language, but can we not learn Computer Science using C#?


There are some. http://www.amazon.com/Data-Structures-Algorithms-Using-C/dp/0521670152/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1267294529&sr=8-1


As for why there's not more... I'm not sure we can answer that. Those no technical reason for it, so it's some non-technical reason that we'd only be guessing at.