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    PJL said:
    figuerres said:

    hi figuerres  -- I joined today (the price was irresistable) and so far I'm pleased.  I notice they have an entire forum devoted to programming, which I will post to if I have problems.  I will attempt to load a simple "hello world" program tonight, and if I have success I will post here.  If I don't, I'll also post here.


    BTW my first post at discount was about whether you have to change your domain name 'right away' once you sign up with discount you have an answer, pls feel free to let me know either there ( ) or here.  I repeat the message below for your convenience. 


    UPDATE:  I got an answer--so this is a moot point, see below.



    I appreciate your help.  I notice that for >= 2 referrals, gives $50 to the referring party, so if you are part of this program let me know and I can ask you get a commission.  If they give me a hard time ex post I'll cancel and reregister, since anyway I should have registered under my company credit card the first time around. 




    //message posted at


    I just signed up today for to host my website, which is registered with Network Solutions under a unique name and as of yesterday hosted by Earthlink. says *see below.

    My question is: if I don't care to leave right now, can I do nothing, and will my website page still load in the future? Or, is the change made below by 'permanent' and do I have to do something right now? I am really busy and I rather make any changes, if at all, a few weeks or months from now rather than right away.

    Thank you,


    * Domain Name Check
    Your Domain Name is registered.
    Your Domain Name Servers are not correctly pointing to DiscountASP.NET.

    To use our hosting platform with your existing domain, you will need to update your Domain's Name Servers to point to our DNS. To make this update you would work with your Domain Registrar. We have instructions on how to update the Domain's Name Servers for some popular Domain Registrars in our Knowledge Base.


    ANSWER:  You don't have to do anything. You can keep the site at Earthlink and use the Alternative URL to do work on the site here. Once you are ready to have the site served from our servers, you would change the name servers for your domain.

    Name server changes are not can switch them any time you'd like. But every time you change them there is a day or so of propagation while the changes make their way through the internet.

    Success!  Those guys at sure know how to cater to programmers.  In five minutes my HelloWorld app worked perfectly, using FTP from inside Visual Studio and following these directions: 


    Case closed.  In case you're reading this figuerres, out of curiosity I wonder what the Web Application Tool does that enables your web folder, but that's a small point of academic interest.  Probably sets permissions so the world can read your folder.  Next I'll try a database app to see if SQL Server is working.