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    the irony for me is i learned about picassa and through a microsoft site (here)

    and das blog
    and much more

    youd just think youd go to c9 and microsoft would be releasing the free picasa thing - that they would "get" the new model - that theyd be empowering me to do the things the free model companies are doing

    i dont see it - ms just seems woefully behind

    ps ..advocates are allowed to get peeved..but im not sure how id handle it - apart from making 2 microsofts - one closed one open - and competing against myself - at lest then i would rest assured of no innovators dilema syndrome

    like buying all the restaraunts on a busy street - all different styles concepts and menus - end of day who cares its your block

    gates has always been famous for betting all hands - but i dont see the open/community bet

    just this lone site - with a figurehead (scoble) who has been right more than wrong that they should listen too more often

    * not yelling..  just concerned