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    Michael Griffiths wrote:
    Microsoft is doing fine.

    "Doomsday" advice is a bit premature. In 5, 20 years - yeah, then it'd be good. But now? As long as Microsoft holds most of the cards, they're doing fine.

    If they don't shape up then yeah, eventually they'll go away. But their advantages are huge.

    And it's nice to see Google finally using their Keyhole technology. Interesting. I wonder when we'll see Blogger/Picasa/Hello integration into Google?

    Hmm, I haven't read any blogs on this yet...

    Hey, Scoble, blog the connection! Big Smile


    5 to 20?

    id say in 2 to 3 years there will be 2 software industrys - one closed - one open

    i know which one ill be helping out - the MS c9 OPEN one Wink

    * everyone (ms) is understimating the power of brand, trust, clean UIs and free services

    Im sure longhorn will look great and fix many things - at a severe authentication eula drm cost

    if google wraps its farms into pretty uis like hello - then leverages that into a dynamic os (web)- apart from photoshop corel and frontpage, id have no reason to use anything thats stranded on one machine anymore

    i like ms - but i trust google with managing or interacting with my home servers - my pc's etc without nickel and diming - or any form of activation - or any other legal intimidation twords me as a consumer and a customer

    im a huge ms fan - but google treats me better

    thats what ms has to be afraid of and its not going to take 20 years  (remember google is now 30% ms brains - new ones at that)

    its jsut they are FREE and ms lives in an error where you charge for invisible software - developed in secrecy - and delivered every 3/4 years

    they are also underestimating the people who maintain all their friends and families machines - do i load picasa? yep  do i load  yep
    adaware, spybot free.. yep

    Firefox - when nessesary - but it will get there too.

    Given the choice between free / by users or paid by corp.. whos going to choose corp - apart from slow moving stupid F500 co's - oh ya thats who your salesguy exec's are chasing

    (so ms can go off and do the paul: DRM Over America - Ill buy the Lennon(john) albums thankyou

    * im sorry i get so mad everytime google leads and MS just SITS there then copies it

    go print out C9 , do everything we all say and you may have a chance

    jamie - the pessimist - in this one instance