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    harumscarum wrote:

    gbrowser/gOS? They are non existent and MS has a few years experience ahead of them (as well as Linux flavors).

    a few years ahead of delivering dynamic perpetual applications?  ahead delivering no activation? ahead providing the internets most useful search service? ahead by uncluttering tech and making a simple fast loading brand based experience? ahead by utilizing existing tech (script/dhtml) ?
    Ahead by being a verb in the english language?

    ms isnt ahead in any of the above - and it is going to come at them faster than they think when (prediction) gbrowser comes out FREE on 300$ machines running g-os

    Just pointing this out is all.. perhps none of it will come to pass ( except the Ahead stuff above - google is on the move and if ms is - its all behind closed doors - so who knows

    *ps - google OS will not be an os like windows - more like a fullscreen webbrowser on top of linux - available from anywhere (your webtop) etc  / again prediction not fact