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    Dr Herbie

    Maddus Mattus said:

    I always use IE 8, because I am lazy.


    Every other browser does not log me in automatically to applications running in our domain (Integrated Security). So as a result, I spend the whole day typing passwords,. I do not want that. Neither do I want some browser to remember my password.


    And in the end, it's just a browser.


    I really couldnt care less. And I really dont understand why all the nerd rage about it?


    It's kinda like sex, don't talk about it, just do it!

    Yes, it is just a browser and not worthy of argument, but it is a matter of personal taste and 'comfort'.


    It's like clothes -- they're just material to keep the weather off you, but we all make preference choices (even Einstein had to choose the style of suit that he had multiples of) based on comfort and aesthetics. Some people even get quite worked up about it.


    Maybe we could do a make-over TV show but with software instead of clothes?