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    Maddus Mattus said:
    Ian2 said:

    I want nothing to do with Apple and their board of directors member Al Gore.


    They are both hippocrites and lyars.


    Match made in heaven.


    Long, long, long ago we bought a Macintosh Classic. I absolutely loved it. I could do stuff on that thing that other people only dreamed of in Word Perfect. But they lost me when they started on this hip/smug trend. Telling people what to do and deciding what is best for them. Performing personal attacks against competitors, while claiming to be also hip and green while infact they use child labor and even Greenpeace say they should clean up their act.


    The things I do have to give Apple credit for, is their drive to get stuff done. Not technically, but business wise. Getting large movie studios and record labels to see the advantage of an online store. Getting people exited about small applications and providing a good platform. That's something Microsoft can learn a lot from.

    I've gone through a few phases with Apple - I bought an iPhone when it first came out and that was/is a superb product (only just recently replaced my original 2G iPhone with an HTC HD2).  Dislike the whole cool thing but being old I'm out of that loop anyway.  Then went on an Apple downer - got pissed off when my MacBook battery died, spoke to Apple, who admitted it was a faulty batch and a known issue, but refused to replace it (cost me GBP70 to replace if I recollect correctly). 


    Like the look of the iPad but don't want to learn that SDK so probably won't bother with it.


    Damn, what was this topic about again?