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    Maddus Mattus

    Dr Herbie said:
    Maddus Mattus said:

    Yes, it is just a browser and not worthy of argument, but it is a matter of personal taste and 'comfort'.


    It's like clothes -- they're just material to keep the weather off you, but we all make preference choices (even Einstein had to choose the style of suit that he had multiples of) based on comfort and aesthetics. Some people even get quite worked up about it.


    Maybe we could do a make-over TV show but with software instead of clothes?




    Personal taste is fine. I've nothing against free choice and all. But I am baffled about the amount of debate that is going on about browsers. Even in the EU we have the browser selection screen in Windows. 80% of the Windows users have no clue what a browser is! They have to make a selection and have no idea what the conequences are! And the nerds are actually flaming Microsoft about the randomisation routine! It's so completely off base.


    When I vote, the parties and candidates are always in the same order. So actually, the browser selection screen is more democratic then the Dutch election process!


    To come back to the clothes analogy, I am actually the same with browsers as with clothes; I just wear what's on top of the pile Smiley I cant be bothered with my looks (except my hair, dont freaking touch my hair, I kill you till you die from it!) (the only time I shave is when the wife complains, etc etc), like I cant be bothered with my browser. I wear clothes to keep me warm, I use a browser to look up stuff on the web.