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    stun said:
    Bass said:

    Yeah it is. I didn't expect that from Opera.


    However, as I use it more and more, these are really annoying for me.

    (1) Ctrl + 1-9 for tab switching <=== by default it is mapped to Speed Dial

    (2) Ctrl + PageUp/PageDown for going to next/previous tab <== which I had to configure myself


    (3) Can't access my bookmarks easily like Google Chrome. I have to focus into the Address Bar to show the Bookmarks and click again.

    (4) Bookmarks NOT sortable (is it possible to sort Bookmarks?)



    Do you guys have any other things that you don't like?

    Awesome! I don't even need to open speed dial to use it!

    What was wrong with Ctrl + tab for tab switching btw? It's pretty standard windows behaviour, and ctrl+shift+tab for going back?


    Oh, and opening the bookmarks panel (with the tiny little panel button which is bottom left by default) shows them to be searchable and sortable however you like. Not sure if there's a shortcut to show bookmarks  though.


    Awesome, the pretty obvious-if-not-standard ctrl + B shows / hides the bookmarks panel.