Ian2 said:
figuerres said:

OK, fiddled around a bit with the rim concept but code was getting a bit too complex (I am trying to KISS per the concept of an easy port to WP7) so I have put ot on hold until we see what is around the corner.


Thanks for the great feedback..

OK, Last time I am going to bump this topic (it just feels wrong for mew to do that all the time).


I have succesfully got the app working on the WP7 phone emulator (with a couple of issues)

Next step (after sorting those issues) is to investigate posting the app onto the marketplace (not sure what the pre-release story is for that just at the moment)


NB To save bumping this topic I am posting interim updates on my blog at rd3d2@spaces.live.com



Thanks for all your feedback and advice with this project so far.