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View Thread: My First Windows Mobile 7 App
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    I have developed a simple Full Screen Multi-Touch* Silverlight App with WP7in mind ( My plan is as follows:

    • Tailor it to fit to the announcements/SDKs etc released at MIX.
    • Submit it to the App store (I know, I know, before you say anything ..)
    • Publish the results here.

    So that is it in a nutshell.  Who's with me?


    * "The way I figure it you hold the phone in one hand then move the magnifying glasss with your index finger of the other hand and when you spot a difference, tap the screen with one of your spare fingers".


     First Gaff: That should be Windows Phone 7!


    NB If there is a kindly moderator would like to modify the title I would be most grateful.


    Second Gaff: Please don't mistake this as any kind of Windows Phone 7 showcase App. (Hopefully that is obvious)