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    Ian2 said:
    figuerres said:

    Hmmm, hearing quite a lot about the handle issue.  Considering that this is going to be a touch screen app I really dont want to be moving the magnifying glass around using the center of the glass (this is where I started and it is annoying not to be able to see what is under your finger).  I think I will opt for shrinking the image down (aligned to the top and left) and using the space on the bottom & right for something else?


    Thanks for the great feedback.


    PS Did you by any chance try this out on your TS2 using just fingers? -   I have a slight concern about the availability of more than 2 touch points  as my tablet only has 2 and my methodology for touch screen is probably suspect!

    use the "rim" then .... make it the "grab area"

    then it works from any angle and does not need the finger in the middle.

    or the whole disk can be the touch / grab area so i can just drag and push anywhere from the rim inward.


    No I will try it later .... had a lot going on this week.