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View Thread: My First Windows Mobile 7 App
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    Ian2 said:
    rhm said:

    Thanks for the feedbackl, it is appreciated.


    First of all: there's no oversized text being clipped off the side of the screen Smiley


    I am being dumb, but I don't understand what you mean?


    Secondly: With a touchscreen, you get events only when the finger is touching the screen. ....


    Take your point(s) but I developed this on a touch screen laptop so I am hoping it will work in the same way on the phone.  (I had to create an offset so that instead of your finger being in the way of what you select, you are holding onto the handle of the Magnifying glass with one finger and 'clicking' with another - granted its not actually a click event!)

    The first bit is just a joke about the bizarre visual style of the WP7 user interface.


    Second bit: Microsoft's (and to fair a lot of other vendors as well) approach to both pen and touch input has in the past been to just treat it as a proxy for the mouse. You really have to use an iPhone for a while to see how retarded this is. There's no mouse pointer; scroll bars are unnecessary since the most natural way to scroll a document is to just grab it and drag it (like the hand tool in Abobe reader for example). It's all little changes that make it much more natural to use. There might be some special situations where it makes sense to leave something on screen at the point where the user last touched it, but they are few and far between.