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View Thread: My First Windows Mobile 7 App
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    LukePuplett said:
    Dovella said:

    You're almost there.


    I'd fade the looking glass out when the mouse leaves the photo as the sticking effect looks irksome and it cleans the page up so the user can click other buttons and links in the border.


    It's actually harder than I imagined it'd be. I s'pose the trick is to scrub the glass and let your eyes 'see' the on/off-ing of pixels. Damn I ruined it for everyone... and I've already clicked Add comment.

    Thanks for that, I've addedyour suggestion about the mag glass fading to my ToDo list.


    Please keep the comments/criticism coming!


    Here is my current "TODO" list as it stands at the moment:

    • Find some appropriate sound effects (clicked correctly / clicked incorrectly, "TADA" on completion?)
    • Constrain / Fade out the Magnifying Glass when out of bounds / ensure links are visible at all times.
    • Animate the phone from Portrait to Landscape on startup (or maybe put the phone shell on the web page?)
    • Silverlight Splash screen?  (Not sure if this is needed if I can keep the app under 250k?)
    • Tidy up the code (group entry points etc)

    (I am at a photography show all day tomorrow so probably won't get chance to look at this again until Thursday).