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View Thread: My First Windows Mobile 7 App
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    figuerres said:
    Ian2 said:

    lagg in movement.


    on my tx2 the object is always moving to slow.

    also it jumps.... due to the way you are trying to use the handle it seems to move in an odd way to me.

    also you need to have it work with the display better. when i go to rotate the display it does not fit. it's not scaling or resizing to adjust.

    Thats great feedback!  Makes me sound dumb but I forgot about screen rotation on the phone!  I'll ponder on that today.  Strange about the lag/jumpiness though, the TX2 is beefier than my Acer tablet so I wouldn't have expected that. Something else to ponder.  If I get the chance this week I wil add a querystring parameter to enable you to (partially?) turn off the Magnifying Glass and see if that makes a  difference