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View Thread: Oracle's BI server compared to MS's BI offering
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    qwert231 said:
    figuerres said:

    figuerres, this sounds like part of what I'm looking for... but I'm still not sure where to look. What do you mean by 'lookup the help on it'?


    For my SQL reports, I use visual studio, and post them to the SQL Report Server we host. Our users aren't going to use Visual Studio...

    I think the tool you are after for the SQL Server Reporting Services stack is the SQL Server Report Builder. It is a Click Once application that lets users build reports based on a defined data model and then either publish them to a users area in Reporting Services or, if permissions allow to the public reports area.


    You can find links to the standalone CTP build of version 3 in the sidebar here


    As with ALL tools that I have come across for user report building this does need a data model to make the underlying database accessable but as a "free" tool it works as well as the competition.